Tunes you aren't sure about buying

Clipz - Push It Up (TC Remix)

I really didnt think much of this tune at first, then everyone started playing it! Andy C, Friction, Hype, you name em they played it!

Still havent bought it though, nowdays unless I definately like a tune I usually wont bother coz theres too many other sick tunes about to sacrifice their place in a set for something else I think is "okay"
The 2nd part of that Jakes EP thingy

I like Warface, but is it worth the buy?

Im definitely bagging that haters one though, sick tune
trisector - mornning rain / structured light - med school ... i like it, its a bad tune! but not sure if id just stick it in the box and forget about it!
also not sure about the stepback sessions vol 1 .. loving the serum rmx or paper lover but not keen on the other 2 tunes on there!
getting there is grimey. flaspoint is just classic rollin die business!
little punk is good too, nice tune to open a set with.
definatly worth a baggin.
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