Tunes with pianos - recommendations?


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Nov 2, 2005
gday mate
alright - i think i have some kind of fetish for bangin dnb tunes with pianos. Anyone got any tunes they could recommend to me?

stuff like:
Muffler - The Moment
Shapeshifter - One
Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (High Contrast remix)
High Contrast - If We Ever

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares
Ray Keith - Terrorist
Mistabishi - Greed
Adam F - Original Jungle Sound
Moving Fusion - Thunderball

excellent stuff- loving Renegade Snares (can't believe i havent heard that one!) and Greed!

This is deeper than deep, duno if its just me tho???
sweet tune!

Mistabishi - No Matter What
heard this one before but didn't catch the name. excellent track!

cheers guys keep them coming!
theres a russian dnb album, with a piano tune on it...

Called: Thunder - DJ Deezel...(believe it or not, its a remix of an east17 tune...but i kinda like it)

Utah Saints-Something Good 08 (High Contrast Remix)
Alix Perez-Solitary Native
Calibre-Our Love (Parts 1 + 2) or most Calibre songs
Mist:i:cal- Swingtime
Eveson-Tricks/Be With You
Allied Forces-Gather Round
Lenzman-Caught Up/The Blues
Spectrasoul-Cherry Smoke
Spectrasoul-In My Arms
Alix Perez-All Alone
The Outfit-Rolladisco
Electrosoul System-Moving In Transit (Original and the B-Cee & Lomax Remix)
Utah Jazz-Split Level
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