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    Sep 25, 2006
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    I've been havin trouble mixing certain songs, for example zinc super sharp shooter, if anyone could give some advice to the best way of mixing tunes like this and 6 million ways to die would be great. Also as i've only been mixing for 3-4 months im just curious whether you proffesional dj's can mix any 2 tunes regardless of tempo, beats etc...

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    You will struggle mixing super sharp shooter with normal decks unless you have 1210m5gs because it is out of the pitch range when you add speed to new releases, and then try to mix it to them to super sharp shooter, for example if you speed up tc's -game over 3% then you will need to pitch super sharp shooter to about 9%. To get around this you could try recording it do disc pitched up, and then play in ur cd deck ;)(ohh i forgot there gay). A better way for you might be to max the pitch on sharp shooter and then mix a tune to it so you know what sort of pitch you can start that tune with therefor when u begin your set u can start nowing that later on you will be able mix in sharp shooter although you need tight mixing as loose mixing would result in an accumilated pitch increase and by the time u want to mix shooter it may well be out of your decks pitch range.

    Regarding mixing in general, it just takes a hell of a lot of practice. When i first started there where tracks that stumped me, but nowadays i have not come across a drum and bass tracks which i cannot mix, probably is but i can mix my small collection. After a while it does get easier, then you realise wat a lot of time you spent trying to beatmatch and instead actually start thinking bout what goes well etc. Beatmatching is the easy part and just the tip of the iceberg. Wat u mix when and with what, how you do it and why is the real killer, gud luc n e ways.

    Here's an example of sharp shooter mixed with game over i synced game over on the intro of shooter on both the half tempo and normal speed bits, just to make sure you could sync those parts, i then mixed it in on the last phrase of shooter before the drop, when he saying 'super sharp shooter' so it is possible, but it is difficult.
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