Tunes that got you into dnb, do you still like them?


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton
Tunes that mainly got me into the dnb are..

Pendulum- Slam- HATE now
London Elektricity- Vapour Trail- Still a banger!!
London Elektricity- Remember The Future- Still sick!!!
Dillinja- Grimey- Lets just say its a classic ;)
Sub Focus- Airplane- Love it to pieces!!!
Sub Focus- Acid Test- Its alright!

What about you?..
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Nightwalker - Cheese grater

I Kamanchi - Never Can Tell

Ebony - Ra

PFM - The Western

Top Buzz - Living in Darkness (Phantasy remix)

Leviticus - Burial (Logistics remix)

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix)

yes i love them all :)

omni trio - renegade snares (hc rmx)
sub focus - airplane
marky - lk

were the tree choons that got me
how could i forget airplane!!!!

yer feel good vibes back in the summer of 06 :)

logistics - together

i was also big on stuff like high contrast, brief encounter, racing green etc

this was before i even knew what dnb reli was tho but i still love it all
fugees - ready or not (zinc/hype (whoever did it) remix) - yes, love it
ed rush and optical - pacman - yes, love it
goldie - temper, temper - yes, love it
bad company - the nine - yes, love it
the nine-goes on nearly all my sets.
swift-Puppet walk-still love it
Swift-the one-still love the drop as a tease
zinc-elavate, still love it.

i am really bad for growing tired of tunes really quick...i will love them, play them non stop then the next day i will give it me mate cos i cant bare to see it in my crates. strange.
dillinja - twist it out
sub foucus - special place
sub focus - x-ray
bad company - mass hysteria
noisia - dipladocus
spor -stop it
spor - 1 up

i still listen to them all i like em all lol
Randall Dreamscape 15-16 got me into Jungle listened to it everyday for months still dust it off occasionly now all the tunes were awesome still love all of them.

Jonny L - I'm Leavin [XL]
Q Project - Champion Sound (Alliance rmx) [Legend]
DJ SS - Rollidge [Formation]
Harmony & Extreme - Boo (rmx) [Section 5]
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown rmx) [Suburban Base]
Omni Trio - Feel Good '95 [Moving Shadow]
Renegade - Terrorist (Grooverider rmx) [Moving Shadow]
JB - Back 2 Life (The Dedication) [Back 2 Basics]
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing (rmx) [Formation]
Borderline - Screwface [Kemet]
Terrorist - Sing Time [Dread]
Dead Dred - Dred Bass (Origin Unknown rmx) [Moving Shadow]
Smokey Joe - Shining [Labello Blanco]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP mix) [Moving Shadow]
Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay]
LTJ Bukem - Horizons [Looking Good]
bambaata - yes, always
Chopper - depends on the mix
snapshot - yes
hard noize - YES
No reality - YES
terrorist - yes
warhead - yes
Pendulum - Blood Sugar (more or less)
Pendulum - Tarantula (dont really like it that much)
Pendulum - Slam (still like it)
Pendulum - Masochist (not bad I guess)
Jonny L - Back To Your Roots (Friction & K-Tee Remix) (love it)
Chase & Status - Hurt You (still like it)

So yeah it was mostly Pendulum that caught my attention and after that I started expanding, now I hardly listen to these tracks but I still have my respect for them
hive Keaton bring it on.... still massive
Original Nuttah...... who doesn't love that tune
racing green... classic
Slam.... still love the intro but the songs had its moment
cyantific vs logistics flash back... still a killer
yeah i still love all the old tunes that got me into d&b
valley of the shadows
- Pendulum - Hold Your Colour / Planet Orion (still lovin these two)
- Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Rmx) (still one of the best)
- DJ Fresh - The Immortal (yup)
- Sub Focus - A Special Place (yuuup)
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