Mar 4, 2003
31 Records
31R009 Marcus Intalex How You Make Me Feel/Neptune
31R014 Marcus Intalex Love + Happiness/Dreamworld

Aphrodite Recordings
APH24 Amazon II King of the Beats/Music's Hypnotizing

Back 2 Basics
B2B12039 Apollo 13 Do It Again/Let It Roll
B2B12050 Swoosh Ya Rockin(remix)/Opinion

BC Recordings
BCRUK001 Bad Company The Nine/Dogfight (Repress)

CHR14 Supply and Demand Pure and Simple/Freeze/Black Beat/Show Me (double) (white)
CHR17 Supply and Demand Shining/Feel Alright/Love the one you're with/Menace (double) (white)

CIA98003 Q Project Capricorn/Surface/Break
CIA99004 Q Project Champion Sound remixes
CIA99005 Wots My Code/Total Science Dublate(remix)/Breakfast Club

Dope Dragon
DD02 Mask Alright/Reese
DD003 Gang Related & Mask Oh My Gosh! (original mix/SS remix)
DD04 Gang Related & Mask Soldier/Bass is Rollin'
DDRAG05 3 The Hardway/Crazy Loops Lost Our Minds/Smooth Operator
DDRAG06 Gang Related Hostile/Big Time
DDRAG07 Gang Related & Mask Death Blow/Numbers
DDRAG08 Mask/Bigger Star One People/Raid
DDRAG10 Gang Related & Mask Suckers/Biters
DDRAG11 Gang Related & Mask Tear it Up/One Time
DDRAG12 Gang Related & Mask Concentration/Follow None
DDRAG13 Gang Related & Mask Dictation/Not Not
DDRAG15 Mask Square Off/Freedom
DDRAG16 Mask You Rang/Better World
DDRAG20 Various Gridlocked EP (double)
DDRAGLP01 Various Wayz of the Dragon LP (5 pack)

EBR016 Shy Fx Pandora's Box
EBRLP001 Shy FX The Formula EP (double)

FLEX12 L Double/Shy FX The Shit

FORM12067R Keen The Battle Frontier/123 (SS Remix)

Fresh Kutt
FK001R Prisoners of Technology Trick Of Technology (remix)/Feeeeeel
FK002 Prisoners Of Technology True Born/Push Da Button
FK003 Prisoners Of Technology Battle Master/Total Control
FK05 Prisoners Of Technology Tha Boogie/Breakdance (promo)

Full Cycle
FCY008 Scorpio Turn Dance/Mellow Song
FCY009 Roni Size Brut Force/Secrets
FCY014 DJ Krust Soul In Motion/Going Nowhere
FCY015 DJ Suv Freebeat EP (double)
FCY16 DJ Die + DJ Suv Mankind/Music First
FCY018 Bill Riley Closing In EP (double pack) (white)
FCY019 DJ Die Clear Skyz/Reminisce
FCY021 DJ Die Drop Bear/Poison Ivy
FCY023 DJ Krust Kloakin Devices/Break Ya Neck
FCY025 J Die Jitta Bug/Running Out
FCY031 DJ Suv Do You Remember Me/Lost Angel
FCY034 DJ Krust The Snapshot Remixes
FCY035 Kamanchi/DJ Die Hey DJ/Driver
FCY044 Roni Size Sound Advice/Keep Strong
FCY046 Roni Size Scrambled Eggs/Swings and Roundabouts
FCYLP002 Various Through The Eyes (white/promo)
FCYLP003 Various Through The Eyes Part 2

Ganja Records
GAN009 DJ Zinc Super Sharp Shooter/So Damn Fresh
GAN012 DJ Zinc On Fire Tonight/What Is It

Global Thang
GTR12014 DJ Zinc On Fire Tonight(remix)/Pink Panther(remix)

DB30 Capoeira Twins Lose Control (Proud Mongrel Cut/original mix/es dubs mix)

IND005 Davide Carbone Innocence

Intercom Recordings
ICOM003 60 Minute Man The Escape/Zero to Hero ( 2 copies, one release, 1 promo)
ICOM20 Tommy Knocker People All Around/Soul Running

Intergral Recordings
integ002 G Money Falling/Timebomb

JOKER18 Dream Team Insane (promo)
JOKER23 Dream Team Check The Teq?/Suka DJ
JOKER31 Dream Team Public Enemy/Different
JOKER36 The Scarecrow TuttiFruiti/Garbage
JOKER38 The Penguin 54321/Let the Bass Kick
JOKER39 The Joker Rewind/Co Rok Stuff

LKR4 Special K Up Top/Get Original

COB247 Baby Fox Rain (DJ Krust remix)

MOSHKA05T Kosheen Hide U/Empty Skies
KOSHEEN006 Kosheen Catch (decoder remix)/Catch (Technical Itch remix)

MOVEP002 DJ Marky, Patife,Esom So tinha que ser com voce (2 mixes)

Moving Shadow
MSXEP014 Blame Music Takes you (John B/2 Bad mice remixes)

OUTB001 Dylan Voodoo Doll/Bitch (test press of only 50)

Phat Trax
PT04 Goodfellas Impact/Disorder
PTX15 Mode-M Manipulate/Kick Start (promo)

Rude And Deadly
RUDEAD007 Dope Jam Rok Da Funky Beats/Check the Method (remix) (promo)

Second Movement
SMR33 Threshold The Wire/Bias
SMR35 Locate Anxiety/Life
SMR38 Ultravibe The Swirl/Ratio
SMR39 DJ Asend/Beat Junkies Changes/Whats Up
SMR41 ? ? (promo)

Talkin Loud
TLK0F Reprazent New Forms/(Krusts Wide Screen Version) (promo)
TKDJ108 4 Hero 9x9 (King Britt/Marcus Intalex remixes) (promo)
TLXX21 Reprazent Share the fall (GR remix)/New forms (Widescreen/Size remixes)
TLX61 Reprazent Who Told You/Out of the Game
534934 Reprazent New Forms LP Part 1 (4 pack)

Trouble On Vinyl
TOV12020 DJ Red Mad PLC (promo)
TOV12022 D-Bridge Bring Da Flava/Keep It Real
TOV12029 DJ Red/Maldini Engergize/Asylum
TOV12033 DJ Reality Methods/Descent

True Playaz
TPR12007 DJ Zinc Reach Out(remix)/Damn

V Recordings
V013 DJ Krust Guess/Maintain
V014 Roni Size Dayz/Box of Tricks
V015 DJ Die Play it for Me/Soul!!!
V016 DJ Krust Angles/Not Necessarily A Man
V018 DJ Die & DJ Suv Out Of Sight/Get On Down
V019 Roni Size Soul Power/Silent Partner
V021 DJ Die Special Treat/Something Special
V025 DJ Krust Warhead(steppa remix)/Check Dis Out
V027 Ray Keith Do It/The Reckoning
V028 DJ Suv DJ Suv EP (double)
V033 Various The Brazil EP
V034 Various The Flava EP (double)
V035 DJ Marky LK

XL Recordings
XLT95 Breakbeat Era Breakbeat Era/Breakbeat Tera
XLT115 Breakbeat Era Bullitproof(remixes)/Terrible Funk(Krust remix)

if ya want any of these...i trade but dont sell...let me know what u want and what you got and we'll do some trading!!
Nah, I rarely buy old stuff these days. Cant afford to do both :-/

Cant believe your selling "The Nine" !!!!!!!
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