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DJ Destiny

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Artist - Tracks/EP - Label [Vinyl condition/Sleeve condition]

007 - Undercover Agent EP - Formation [Near mint/V good orig pic]
Chaos & Julia Set Vol2 - Fear the future - Recoil [Near mint/Near mint generic DBM]
Cloud 9 - You got me burnin (Remix) - Moving Shadow [Near mint/Mint orig pic apart from one edge worn]
DJ Dub EP - Various - No Limit [Near mint/Paper]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ruffer!!! - Slammin Vinyl [Near mint/Paper]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganga man EP - Slammin Vinyl [Near mint/Mint generic]
DJ Vibes - Obsession - Asylum [Near mint/Paper]
Edge 1 (93 remix) - Whitelabel single sided [Near mint/Paper]
EQ - End of an era EP - Formation [Near mint/Worn edges orig pic]
EzeG - Worlds of confusion - Unatural Light [Near mint/Plain black card]
Force Mass Motion - Escape EP - Rabbit City [Near mint/Paper]
Hyper-On Experience - Deaf in the family EP - Moving Shadow [Afew pops but no skips/White card]
Hyper-On Experience - Disturbance (Tango remix) - Moving Shadow [Near mint/near mint orig pic 10"]
Ratty - A taste of things to come EP - Formation [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet sensation (RK remix) - SOR (Promo only) [V slight marks/Paper]
Sound Of The Future - Fearless wonder (Remix) - Formation [Near mint/V good orig pic]
Tekniq - Best of both worlds EP - Formation [Near mint/Creased orig pic]
Two On One Vol1 - Rufige Kru/Cloud Nine - Moving Shadow [Near mint/Worn edges orig pic]
X-Static - Global vibe - Production House [Very good/Plain black card]

Al Massive - Gettin busy - Rude & Deadly [Near mint/Paper]
Aladdin - Woman that rolls - Aladdin [Near mint/Paper]
Asend - Cant hold back - 2nd Movement [Slight marks/V good generic]
Barcode - New dance - Formation [Near mint/Plain black card]
Bill Riley - Nows the time - Protocol [Very good/Plain black card]
Code of the streets - Trouble on Vinyl (Quad pack) [Near mint/near mint orig pic]
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - King of the jungle Pt1 - Sub Base (Promo) Near mint/White card]
DJ Krust - Warhead - V Recordings [Mint/Mint pic]
DJ Krust - Angles - V Recordings [Marks/Worn orig pic]
DJ Sebel - The Berlin connection EP - Rude & Deadly [Near mint/Paper]
DJ Swift - Load - True Playaz [Minimal slight marks/Mint generic]
DJ Zinc - Super sharp shooter (Remix) - Ganja [Minimal marks, very good/Plain black card]
DJ Zinc - Reach out - True Playaz [Near mint/V good generic]
DJ Zinc - Reach out (Remix) - True Playaz [Near mint/V good generic]
Dope Skillz - No diggidy - True Playaz [Near mint/Mint generic]
Dope Skillz - Pink panther True Playaz (Promo copy) [Near mint/Paper]
Dread Bass - Baby tears - 2nd Movement [Near mint/Slightly creased generic]
Dread Warrior - Wootang Double bass mix - Dread [Near mint/Mint pic]
Dynamic Duo - Invasion - Joker [Near mint/Mint generic]
Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion - V Recordings [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
EPS & 2 Vibe - Hype the funk - Urban Takeover [Near mint/Mint generic]
EZ Rollers - Walk this land - Moving Shadow (Promo) [Near mint/Paper]
Freestyles - Play the game - True Playaz [Near mint/Mint generic]
Future Forces - Dead by dawn - Renegade Hardware [Near mint/Plain card]
Gang Related - Oh my gosh - Dope Dragon [Near mint/Paper]
Ganja Kru - New frontiers EP (Triple pack) - Parousia [V good/Near mint orig pic]
Gridlocked EP (Double pack) - Dope Dragon [Near mint/Mint pic]
Ill Figure - Untouchable - Suburban Base [Very slight marks/Mint generic]
Jay Z - Aint no playa (Ganja Kru remix/Desired State remixes) - NWS [V good/Orig pic one side worn]
Jungle Mania LP - Various - Telstar [Near mint/Worn edges orig pic]
LTJ Bukem - Horizons - Looking Good [Near mint/V good orig pic]
Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad ass! - Urban Takeover [Very few marks/Mint generic]
N.C. & Asend - Take your soul - 2nd Movement [Near mint/Mint plain black 10"]
Nasty Habbits - Shadow boxing - 31 [V slight marks/Mint generic]
Natural Born Chillers - Rock the funky beat - Urban Takeover [Near mint/Mint generic]
Nuyorican Soul - Its alright (Roni Size remix) - Talking Loud [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
Pascal - Cool manoeuvre - True Playaz [Near mint/Slightly worm edges generic]
Renegade - Midnight 96 - Dread [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
Reprazent - Brown paper bag - Talking Loud [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
Rude Bwoy Monty - Break it down - 24K (Promo) [Near mint/Mint generic]
Simon & Andy C - Quest - Ram [Marks and afew scratches/Paper]
Shimon & Andy C - Mutation - Ram [Near mint/Mint generic]
Shimon & Andy C - Terraform EP (Double pack) - Ram [Near mint/V good pic]
Shy FX - Bambaata - Ebony [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
Shy FX - Bambaata (Roni Size remix) - Ebony [Near mint/Orig mint pic]
Shy FX - Bambaata (Dillinja remix) - Ebony [Near mint/Orig mint pic]
Still smoking - G-Line (Triple pack) [Slight marks/Worn edges orig pic]
Substance - Damn right - Ruffneck Ting [Near mint/Mint orig pic]
The Penguin - 5,4,3,2,1 - Joker [Near mint/Mint generic]
V Classic LP - Various (5 pack) - V Recordings [Near mint/near mint box set]