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    here's a list of what i am getting rid of

    DnB 12” Vinyl

    Congo Natty: Tribe of Issachar (remixes) Congo Natty DJ Zinc 1996
    Congo Natty: Lion of Judah: Jah Set it: Bingy Man 1996

    Urban Takeover DJ Promo, Hype the Funk, Big Time
    Urban Takeover Whitelabel: Ready or Not Fugees Hype remix
    Urban Takeover: Aphroditie: I got 5 on it 1998
    Urban Takeover White Label: Blackstreet No Diggity Remix
    Urban Takeover: Mickey Finn & Aphrodite: Bad Ass: Drop Top Caddy
    Urban Takeover: Bad Ass remixes 1998
    Aphrodite Recuts: Aphrodite: Rinsing Quince: Summer Breeze

    31 records Nasty Habbits: Shadow Boxing (the remix): March
    31 Recordings: Nasty Habbits: Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix), Deep Beats

    Mix & Blen’: Kenny Ken: Ready, Drum and Bass Soldier
    Mix & Blen’: Kenny Ken: Project One: Watertight.

    Ram Records: Origin Unkown: Truly One remixes 2002
    Ram Records: Ram Trilogoy Ch5: Brainwash: Milkyway
    Ram Records: Ram Trilogoy Ch6: Huggy Bear, Superfly 2002
    Ram Records; Ram Trilogy Ch1: No Reality, Scanners: 1998
    Ram Records: Shimon & Andy C; Body Rock, Orient Express 2001

    Full Cycle: Die: 100 Mile and Running: Soundtape 2003
    Full Cylce: Suv; Do You Remember Me (feat. Tali), Lost Angels 2002
    Full Cylce: D Product: Already Mine, running Scared 2002
    Full Cycle: Roni Size: Play Time, Eat My Shorts 2002
    Full Cycle: Krust: Kloakin Device, Scorpio: 26Bass 2000
    Full Cycle; J Raq: Wainting For The Bass, Molecule 1998
    Full Cycle: Suv: Nina, Cultura Probase, Flying to Nowhere Suv Remix 2001
    V Recordings: Ray Keith: Do It, The Reckoning 1998
    V Recordings: Marky & XRS: LK, Scorpio Remixes. D Product: Faithless (remix)

    I Kamanchi: Hold It Down (feat. Tali): Movin’ Fast 2003
    I Kamanchi: Back To Da Boogie: Diaster Must Fall 2003

    Dope Dragon: Mask: Square Off, Freedom 1996
    Dope Dragon: Gang Related: Hostile, 1996
    Dope Dragon: Gang Related/Mask; Suckers, Biters 1996
    Dope Dragon: Mask/Swabee: Cash Till, 3 Way: Sub Zero

    Creative Source: Mace: Inside Your Soul, Free Flow
    Creative Source: Calibre: Deep Everytime, What You Need 2001
    Creative Source: Calibre: Our Love part1, Feeder 2001

    Musica Recordings; Tony Damage: Issues (Dylan Remix)
    Musica Recordings; G Squad: Dance, Bonie and Clyde

    Ebony Dubs: Wolf: Dillinja Remix
    Ebony Dubs: RA

    Fresh Kutt: The Prisoners of Technology: The Trick of Technology: Feeeeeeeel 1997
    Function Records: Digital: Dirty Money (remix): GT 2003
    Moshka Recordings: Kosheen: Hide U: Empty Skies (floor mix) 2000
    C.I.A DJ Promo: Marky & XRS: Get Down, XRS: Return From Paradise 2003
    Piranha Records: Johnny L: Dirt, Trouble
    1210 recordings: Crossfire: Hideout, Swordfight
    BC Authorised: D.Kay & Epsilon: Barcelona (Feat. Stamina MC) 2003
    Penetration 011: Technical Itch: Soldier, The Green
    White Label: Hoods From the City Sampler

    Soul R: Calibre: Interphaze, Fire & Water 2001
    Hospital Records: High Contrast: Global Love (Calibre Remix), Return of Forever (Landslide Remix) 2002
    Hard Leaders: The Outfit: CoverGirl, Love Thing 2002
    Critical Recordings: Mathematics: Blackjack, Sunday Morning
    True Playaz: Pascal: Sky, DJ Zinc: Casino Royal 2001

    Crime Scene Recordings: Crimescene Unit (XXXL & Krush) Flatline, Loxy. Ink. Keaton and J Dub Remix
    Continuation of Countires Series: Stockholm: Sweden, Girls
    Gain Recordings: arQer & Realtime: Battery, Ben Sage: All About You 2003
    Trouble On Vinyl: Dillinja; Twist ‘Em Out
    White Label Promo: Sonic Empire: Baby Doc Mix, Usual Suspects Remix 1999

    Formation Recods: The World of Drum and Bass Vinyl 7: Ascend & JB The Change, Matrix & DJ SS; The Answer
    Formation Recods: The World of Drum and Bass Vinyl 4: DJ SS: Motorways, Blue Sonix: Funk Nouveau
    Formation Records: Perfect Combination; Breakdown, Summer Vibes 1997

    DJ Rap: Good To be Alive 1998
    Philly Blunt Records: Dillinja: Mutha*ucka, Sky
    Under Pressure Records: Decoda & Miss Ficel: Hatta, Atlas
    Sudden Def Reordings: K-Step: Check My, Style Blues

    Renegarde Hardware: Usual Supects, Spawn, Hole Punch 1999
    Urban Project: Blanko Feat The Flash, The Real World, Friday Feeling 2001
    Conitnuation of Country Series; Bangkok: Spark Plug, Pick Axe
    Sour; Sound of the Underground: Mutant Jazz, Liberation 1995
    North West Side: Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown: Aint No Playa (Ganja Kru Remix)
    Petrol Records; Shere Khan: Octane, Criminal Record
    Talking Loud: Roni Sizes: Who Told You 2000
    Tru Playaz: Freestyles: Play the Game, Learn From The Mistakes OF The Past 1996
    Universla Island Records: Peshay: Miles From Home, Switch 2 1999
    Nu Urban Music; Danny C; The Mexican, Dayz I Live 2002
    Virus: Ed Rush & Optical: Watermelon, Sick Note 1999
    Metal Headz: Adam F: Metropolis, Mother Earth 1996
    Virus: Ed Rush & Optical: Lifespan, Crisis 1998
    Frequency: Exile: King Shreda, Spanner In The Worx: 2003
    F Jams: Adam F: Music In My Mind: Original, Blame Mix, Krust Mix and Deep Dish Mix 1997
    XL Recordings: Johny L: 20 Degrees Feat Silvah Bullet, Scratch Perverts Remix 1998
    Rinse Out: Coaxial: Funk-Ku, Freebaassin’ Remix
    Def Jam: Method Man: Judgement Day, Tricky Remix, Roni Size Remix, Super Jupiter Remix, Roni Size Dub Remix 2000
    Ivader Recordings: DJ Damage: Rapture, Inside Of Me
    USA: West Coast/East Coast, 1st Judgement

    Virus EP: Ryme Tyme & Optical: Twisted, Ghostbuster 1999
    : Bad Company: Skin Tag , Seizure 1999

    Ram Records: Ram Raiders Volume 1:
    Shimon & Andy C: Firewire,
    Red One: Kung Fu Fresh,
    Origin Unknown: Believe,
    Decorum: Carnage,
    Moving Fusion: Skull Smasher,
    Shimon & Moving Fusion: Hangman 2000

    Renegade Hardware; Aftermath Remixes:
    Dylan: Spasm (future Cut rmx),
    Digital: Rock Steady(4 Hosemen rmx),
    Future Cut: Horns 2000 (Dylan rmx),
    DJ Ink: Ice Age (Digital & Spirit rmx)

    Looking Good Records: LGR036: Pariah: Skyline, Pariah: Search For Life,
    LGR037: Intersperse: Eduanimity, ASC: Network 2001

    Spektrum Audio: Supply & Demand Vs G Squad EP:
    G-Squad: Cramp,
    Supply & Demand: Share My Kisses,
    G-Squad: Sound Crew,
    Supply & Demand Troublesome

    Advanced Recordings: Sekotr Five EP:2003
    Q-Project: Champion Sound (Generation Dub Remix),
    Baron: Total immortal,
    Total Science: Prozac,
    D Kay & DJ Lee: Manipulate the Universe

    Kaos Recording: Adam F Kaos picture plates: 2002
    Adam F feat. Lil Mo.: Where’s My.. (Remix by J Majik),
    Adam F feat. M.O.P.: Stand Clear (remix by matrix & Fierce),
    Adam F feat. Pharoahe Monch: Last Dayz (remix ny Mickey Finn & L Double),
    Adam F feat Capone ‘n’ Noreaga (remix by Dillinja)

    Metalheadz: Platinum Breakz 03 2001:
    Special Forces: Freewary
    Sci Clone; Everywhere I Go
    Doc Scott; Drumz 2000
    Digital : B-Boyism
    Total Science: Cube
    Source Direct: Dog Style
    Hidden Agenda: Kramberry Juice
    John B; Diversify

    Full Cycle: Through The Eyes 2000:
    Roni Size and Krust: Hop Scotch
    Krust: Bad Intentions
    Krust: Freak Show
    Cisco: Surge
    Die: Timing Mechanism
    Krust: 21st Century

    Ganja Kru: DarkLight EP 2002:
    Krust: Don’t Front
    Ram Trilogy: Huggy Bear
    High Contrast: Global Love
    Krust: Kloaking King
    Ram Trilogy: Milky Way
    Potential Bad Boy: Girlstown
    Dillinja: Take My Life

    Ram Records: Ram Trilogy Molten Beats EP 1999
    Terminal 2
    Both Worlds
    Flip the Trap
    Human Future
    Snake Bite
    Time Chamber
    System Error (Y2K)
    Iron Lung

    Email me for prices.