Tunes ahead of their times


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Oct 1, 2006
What tracks you think sound more like they would fit dnb now?

I reckon lynx - Disco dodo

sounds alot more like it would fit in now than when it came out.

post yours

might i also say i just started my holiday and am on the way to being very fucked so happy kwanzaa

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Mar 11, 2013
to me that photek tune pretty much defines the whole mid 90s 'intelligent jungle' sound... very much of its era IMO. (in a good way)


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Jun 13, 2009
100% on Sunchase, v underrated producer imo and put out tunes that went under the radar but were also v ahead of their time. Varka & Keyring are a few others.

Nico's No U Turn was lightyears ahead of its time too - Torque should have been brought out in 2030
But this from the LP is still my fave, sheer, industrial, menace.


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Nov 9, 2014
Some interesting posts fellas. Out of interest where do you guys see Drum & Bass at present in terms of the sub genres etc?
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