[tune] work in progress

Dan M

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Apr 18, 2008
for some reason it says its gunna take 27 mins to download. erm how bloody long is it.

will try again later.


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Dec 18, 2008

i like it,

infact, dunno if ur intentions but with the opening pianos , it kinda has a chistmassy edge to it, possibly a xmas numba 1?



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Jul 5, 2008
Really bouncy drums man, also like the idea of the pianos, they're real clean. Amens are nice and mellow too, and suit the tune. I think some bongo sorta sound would go nice as another layer over the top of what you've already got, or something off beat to the cymbals to pad it out a bit more. The snare is lacking a bit of umph, if you know what I mean, chuck a different snare in here and there, and maybe put some reverb on like the last snare in every 32 beats or summin. I'd add another bassdrum too. =D

These are just ideas man, not really critisizm 'cause the tune is really nice. Keep at it, got some good ideas here. :gang_bang
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