[TUNE]Speculate & Decision - The Strangler

T Leaf

Neighbourhood Sickhead
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Apr 9, 2009
hmm its not bad. i like the lead, but its too quiet in the mix in the first section. the bassdrum dominates the mix. maybe have a bassline with less mid like some low end wobble, so the lead comes out. could pitch those drums up a tad too. add a breakdown and a nice drop :D. i dont know if you want to go for a bit more overall compression but yeh water shadow is much nicer on the whole i think. hope this helps! :D

Dj Decision

Oct 12, 2006
Gt Yarmouth
cheers for the comments guys, defo helps. Yeah think we might have a play with strangler some more. Intro imo needs more work.
Yeah we both on aim m8 will add u sphinx
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