Drum & Bass [TUNE] Silkworm - "Interplanetary"


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New one from me. Didn't mean to make a progressive track but it ended up that way. Quite happy with the track, would like any suggestions before I send it out to some labels etc...

Was thinking it's possibly too long, but the arrangement works as it is I feel.


Solid tune. After the "drop" it sounds like from some video game, other than that great atmosphere and melodies. I'm not fan of this type but it's solid man.
It sounds fantastic to me Anthony. It has a kind of 70's style to much of the synth work. I really enjoy music that has a theme to it, and this track is no exception, as the tune as a whole tells a story; would be great with moving images, it's the sort of thing that would work well in a documentary or even a movie. With the progressive feel of the track including elements such as the pads the riser FX and the vocal sample it really gives the impression of travelling through space. One element that does seem slightly out of place is the spanish guitar, don't get me wrong it's a beautiful piece of guitar playing but thematically & stylistically it seems slightly odd. The bass is fantastic, it makes a change from much of the narly neuro stuff that's around at the moment. I think the track is a good length for it's style, though it could be shortened for a radio play version. Obviously this is quite a subtle track so the drums don't need to be ear bleeding but I recon they could be a touch louder.
Cheers Dave, sorry didn't see your reply sooner.

Yeah, the guitar can seem like an odd choice when you think about it, considering the rest of the track, but I think it works and gives a more natural contrast. Problem was, once it's in there its difficult to take out and find something to replace it with. That and I've got a shit load of nice spanish guitar riffs I wanna use. You're probably right about the drums...I think they need to be punchier, as John rekoned too.

thanks man


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yeah great track, really dig it.

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im listening through your soundcloud and theyre all really good songs, is that you on the guitar? midnight in madrid is awesome. anyway i think youre nearly there as in where you wanted to go with your style, i think you nailed the (unintentionally minimal?) twostep and spacious warpy bass riffs against spacy swooshy soundscapes, which is a style i do adore since the advent of ed rush and optical, and you could probably do something very much more artistic, i think you could pull that off at this point. take out the turns a bit more, paint with grander gestures.


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Great track man, love the guitar too, love the progressive side, really nice. I need to listen to more stuff like this to remind myself how to structure a track properly


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Wow, Intro is deeeeeep - respect. Wish that "interplanetary space" voc snip had a smidge of Verb on it... woulda been lush imo. Damn, your KD is huuuuuge (sounds about 2 DB too loud)

Your PERC is nice and chunky, I like it a lot, but maaan, that KD's gotta come down: it's robbing you of a lot of room in the Mix from what I can hear on my cheap comp speaks. Your Sub is sounding nice where it's at though. I can't get over how much thunder that KD is stealing from your other elements.

The Tune is very lush - Pads/Guitar/&Leads are all on point. I wish that vocal snip had some verb on it... it's so dry sounding everytime it sounds.

3:10 - mmmm yeah, gimme some more of that Guitar please.
3:20-3:29 (that reversed Verbed Guitar lead in Fill was awesome!!!!!) b/c right at 3:29 you introduce that interesting sounding lead. Perfect lil move you did there!
BrkDwn is wonderful but dang... I wish you'd use that 3:10 guitar riff from 5:02 onward.

Overall, wonderful tune... I think your KD is too loud, other than that the Prod sounds very nice.

Really sorry I didn't actually check back for replies to this, I appreciate the in-depth review and advice from those above.

Proto - The kick drum, it is quite high, I've tried to do this to keep the punch there but maybe you're right. I would like to know what others think of this, is it too loud? I would like to know before I get it mastered etc. would be really helpful if some other people could give their opinon.

The guitar riff.. yes, what a pain, I wanted to use this in the latter half of the track but the thing was running up to 8 mins so I had to take something out. I had so much I wanted to do but not enough time in the track. The drop; I wanted to focus on basic elements (bass and percussion) as a contrast to the rest of the track..maybe I could replace the synth riff with the guitar in the following section AFTER the drop...I don't know, what do people think?