Tune Query - 96


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Feb 5, 2008
Its a 1995/1996 tune I think. I was told a long time ago it was by Dillinja, it is possibly on Metalheadz (certainly sounds very Headz).

Doc Scott played it at Desire in 1996 as it's on the tape pack.

Basiclly, to describe it and pick out it's unique parts, I would say that it is a hardstep track that has 2 key moments that set it aside which I will go into later. The track has a long simple intro (very serious synth sound), then a drop which is 2 beats that go "boom boom" every 2 bars, with a litte amen lick on the 4th bar.

The key elements are 1) Just before the drop there is a sound of dripping water, slightly echoed, and then silence before the drop and 2) Once it has dropped there is a bleep sound (bit like a heart monitor) that appears at various points in the tune. After the drop and into the tune, on one occasion this bleep sound makes a "flatline" sound where the bleep goes "beeeeeeeeeeeep" in the background of a little amen lick.
Trying ot find it on youube but don't know the name...
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