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    Back once again after huge popularity we have selected our 'tune of the week' and 'album of the week' and reduced them to a special promo price for this week only.


    3x12" Lp
    Various Artists
    Nightlife 5 Ep Vol.1
    A: Ram Trilogy - Gridlock (Break Remix)
    B: S.P.Y - Go With The Flow
    C: Callide - Supreme
    D: Spinline - Run
    E: Culture Shock - Cathedral
    F: Hamilton - Soundboy

    £11.98 In Vat Click here to buy

    Andy C Presents Nightlife 5

    2xCD Mixed by Andy C

    £9.99 In Vat Click here to buy

    Album OF The Week

    Artificial Intelligence

    Stand Alone Cd

    1: High tide
    2: A Tall Tale
    3: Let It Be (Feat. Steo)
    4: Three's a crowd (Feat. D Bridge)
    5: Rubber Bullets
    6:Audio Assault (Feat. Krust)
    7: Blind Eye (Feat. DRS)
    8: Unforgettable (Feat. Jenna G)
    9: Moment Of Truth
    10: Pigeon Hole
    11: Days Of Rage
    12: Stand Alone

    £7.99 (Inc VAT) Click here to buy

    Vinyl Album
    Artificial Intelligence
    Stand Alone Lp
    A) Moment of truth
    B) Let it be (Feat. Steo)
    C) Pigeon Hole
    D) A tall tale
    E) Unforgettable (Feat. Jenna G)
    F) Rubber Bullets

    £13.99 (Inc VAT) Click here to buy

    Hope you take advantage of this 1 off offer, new tune & album of the week, next week!