[TUNE] Noistek- "The Drop"

Woooaaaaaaah !
Love the tension. Drums are very entertaining as the rest of the elements.
Like the Dub vocals.
Great track !
Badass tune mate! Sounds proper cool! ;)
The drums are awesome, makes me remind of Pendulum's "Jungle Sound Gold" album.

I got the feeling that the grime is a bit overwhelming, though at the drop. It sounds quite acid, which is cool, but imo it's a bit overdone. Maybe EQ it a bit..
Also I was expecting some more sounds coming in throughout the song.. There is enough variation in dynamics and all, but I just missed this one or two extra sounds.

Nice production nevertheless, keep it up! :)
Badass tune mate! ... at the drop. It sounds quite acid,...it's a bit overdone. Maybe EQ it a bit...one or two extra sounds.
Wow...Thanks man. Glad you dig it.
Don't know if my comp can handle more on tune LOL (there's a lot of underlying shit going on automation-wise. But I'll definitely try to imagine such.
The harshness on the breakdown riff that comes in every few measures before the drops is perhaps what you were referring too? I detected that as well. Will figure something out for that.
Thanks for the feedback!
this is pretty sick man
bass is nice an heavy
and drums work well
good work mate
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