Tune ID Funs Bar Rage Tour mix


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Feb 7, 2011
Sup peep's

Another tune ID if you would be so kind

This time from the latest download coming out of the uncz camp.. funs bar rage tour mix
DJ profile fun ic3 navvy ect ect

at 16:34 the beats stop and a woman sings

'' how am i sposed to try , to love you and be by your side''

*build up*

''I know sometimes its hard''

Then it drops and dreps is on the mic,

it has a 2 phase drop , first phase is a bassline rolla
then the second drop goes nuts ,, it goes back and forth like this .

all help will be much appreciated

scott :D


After a couple of days of digging i have found this

the lyrics and the vocal sound the same, but the tune im after is very different and has a nasty drop :D

thanks again for any help

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