Tune i heard when i was on a messy one.


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Dec 2, 2010
Room 2 @ Fabric
I think i heard it near the beginning of the year.

Basically me and my mate were finishing off the rest of our "supplies" and were out of our minds. We went on a random youtube Related Videos tangent, and i just remember this one track. We had his HD projector on the wall, and the video that was edited to go along with the track was this dude time travelling? Near the beginning of the video he dropped like a locket or something.

I just remember staring through the whole video that was playing on this wall, and was absolutely amazed.

I know its a long shot. But yeah, i saw it on youtube, it was dnb, and the video with the track was a dude in some time travelling sphere?

Please bare in mind its entirely possible none of this happened as i had consumed enough narcotics to kill a small rhinoceros.

EDIT: From 1.04 in this video is what was going on in the music video. Its from The Time Machine.

Just thought id post so you can understand how absolutely amazing it was when i was fucked lol.

And to see if it jogged any memories.
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