Tune I had on tape in 1997


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I'm gonna try to describe a tune I'm lookin' for that I used to have on a tape from a radio show back in 1997 ...

it was a deep beat style jungle tune, kinda like Flynn & Flora type stuff...or stuff on this comp:
"Counterforce - A Collection Of Deep Beats" -DJ Crystl

but anyway, gonna try to remember the vocals, that only happen durin' the pad in the song, not durin' the beat & bass parts...
Female vocals..
somewhere along the lines of..
"I walk in circles..all the time....I've gathered up...all that is mine...(can't remember the other parts..)" then something similiar to..."the walls are black....the roof is red" or something like that "red" part, just guessin' really..but when she says the last word is when the beat and bass come bangin' back in..sounds so nice...also ends out the tune with the vocals...

that's the best I can do from memory...I know it's a longshot..if anyone can help..much respect and thanks in advance..pz