Drum & Bass Tune from Kenny Ken set

Deeks Mcgee

Team Audio Criminal
Alright I have been trying to find this track for ever. The "tune that made you fall in love" thread inspired me to dig this set up and throw this song up on the cloud

Kenny Ken and Mr Skibadee tore Perth a new one back in 2002 and this track still haunts me.

I have posted this on DOA before with no luck and alot of cheeky bastards pointing out the obvious Alien Girl. It's the tune he has reloaded that I want. I don't know what it is with that track but it gets me. So yeah anyone out there give us a hand id'ing it it would be much appreciated and Orange Sherbert will rain down from the skies and we will cuddle in a bunk like two lonely soldiers away at war missing their families.