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mental marv

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Sep 11, 2010

Im currently running Traktor pro on my macbook. I need to do a fresh install of OSX and re-install everything. Ive got a Hercules RMX controller that is using a TSI file that my mate mapped for me (i aint got a clue on mapping midi), now to save me from having to get my mate to re map it after ive installed traktor again can i just copy the tsi file or export settings in some way to my usb stick and then load it back in afterwards on the fresh install? Im guessing you can, but where are the tsi files settings kept, and where to paste them back in to.??

Like i say im not very technically minded with this sort of stuff, and am a bit of a noob to it, and wasnt really paying much attention when my mate was mapping it all....

Any help greatly appreciated...




Mar 1, 2011
Hi Marv,

Its very simple really just click on settings (top left corner) and then the bottom left of the settings box there are a few options including 'export' click export and choose where you want to put the tsi files and then what you want to put in them and it will export them to that place!

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