Well the neurofunk comes out great, I cannot say else!
I was completely mindfucked when the drop-drums came in half a bar after the bass synth.. ;o

Anyway, some feedback:
-I'd make the drums a little more interesting (maybe louder as well)
-try adding some more variation in the whole piece, cause at the moment after the drop it stays somewhat the same..
-beef up the drop! make it sicker, this has a lot of potention, but at the moment it feels so.. slow, I'm sure you can make it a little more dynamic!

Great track, keep it up mate ;)
this is heavy man likin the bass alot
drums are pretty sick too
mix sounds decent too me
overall good work mate

Like the neuro bass.
I think you need to work on compression as the bass
is pulling down the drums. Some variation in the drums couldn't hurt too :)
That is a nice bass patch. Yeah could do with a little more drums or percusion in places.
Don't go to much tho. mabey some rollin hats for second half of drop?
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