Trustinmusic 004 / Martsman - Kontamin / Out Now!

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    New hot Release on Trustinmusic!

    Trustinmusic 004

    A: Martsman – Kontamin
    B: Deo & Matik – Boulder (Martsman Remix)
    (only digital: C: Deo & Matik – Boulder (Original Mix))

    Coming up with a mixture of Drumfunk elements, Dubstep vibes and old school sounds, Martsman is the new kid on the block that will prove you wrong if you thought you´ve heard it all in Drum & Bass.
    "Kontamin" is a journey back to the good old days when Jungle didn´t have the obligation for constant climax that is found in most Drum & Bass tunes today. Picking up the sounds of late nineties Reinforced Records, pre and post millenium RAM and Virus Recordings, and the sober moments of Dillinja's Ghettostep, Martsman melts these influences into his own conception of Drum & Bass. His drum programming is playful, bouncy and rolling, the basslines are clear and punchy and the atmospheres loaded with epic deepness.
    Flipping "Kontamin" there's a remix of Deo & Matik´s "Boulder", where Martsman picks up the square-edged sounds of the original and turns it into a futuristic, bitcrushed Bleep-hop theme for 2007. Both tracks create an eclectic vibe on the floor, but are just as suitable for a home listening pleasure on the stereo.


    Martsman – „Kontamin“

    Matik & Deo – „Boulder“ Martsman Remix

    Matik & Deo – „Boulder“ Original Mix