Tronik House - Up Tempo Remix EP (KMS UK 1)


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Mar 4, 2002
Ok now for some slammin 91 buisness...

Tronik House - Remix EP (KMS UK 1)

This is a lovely 4 track record with 4 excellent tracks (*gasp* you mean all 4 tracks were winners? Why yes!). This EP actually doesn't have a name so if you go looking for it don't search for "remix ep".

"Up Tempo"
This is quite a lovely tune, It starts out with a classic hardcore break which I sadly do not know the name of. Almost streight away the tune drops into what sounds like a sustained saw tooth bassline which creates an spooky feel. Then the 4/4 909 kick comes in followed by teases that the breakbeat is trying to get back into the tune. Finally the break comes back in and we get to hear blatant Second Phase "Mentasm" samples which are sparse but very effective. The tune doesn't do much else.

"Up Tempo (Grooverider Remix)"
Since I already have the original pressing of Up Tempo this here Grooverider remix is what attracted me to this record. The Rider mix makes Up Tempo more worth while of a tune. He adds more change ups, more spooky rave keys, he just turns the tune up a notch. My favorite part is twards the end of the tune when these undescribable rave keys come in to add even more funk to the track (Ok these keys remind me of the Ghost Busters movie, its like what ectoplasm would sound like if it was digitized). Nothing else to be said other then this is a great tune!

"Spark Plug"
This here is an original Tronik House tune. This one starts out with the break found in the Kevin Saunderson remix of Manix "Feel Real Good" so basicly hes sampled himself (Tronik House is Kevin Saunderson btw). It then goes into this lovely high pitched riff filled with crowd noise and whistles. The only thing I don't like about this tune is when it breaks down into a riff that reminds me all too much of 2 Unlimited's "No Limit".

"Mental Techno (The Martly Hardy Remix)"
The original Mental Techno was pretty bad ass but this one is almost better. The original was quite caotic while this one is controled. The best thing about this remix is the rhythm section. Its composed of a 909 beat and chopped breaks to fit the tight 909 pattern; Its all so effective. The original riff from Mental Techno is toned down a bit too, it doesn't screach out of control, instead its retriggered in short bursts. he riff itself was probably most famous in T-99's "Anastasia", you know the church chior from hell riff. My only complaint about this tune is theres a part where the whole tune goes out of synch for a split second. So lets say your trying to mix out of the tune at that point.... --> trainwreck city. Other then that a wonderfull tune.

Run off rings: Nothing written in them unless if you think -J.T.S.- is clever (I don't)

I rate this EP: 7/10 (loosing points for the programed trainwreck in the mental techno remix of course)
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