Tronic 100 "Reachin" / Total Science "B.F.M.


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Mar 4, 2002
This is a very nice summer time record here. Both tunes are nice although the Tronic 100 is the better one.

Total Science are one of 3 major players in the resurection of the proper 1992 sound and I love them for it however after a while everything they do sounds the same. They're blatantly running out of ideas and places to go which makes no sense to me because theres tons and tons of unexplored 1992 territory for them to roam freely in. The main quam with them is they keep using the same boring 2-step beats. There were no 2-step beats like this in 1992, in 1992 they used something called a "breakbeat" for goodness sakes. Dull beats asside Total Science deliver a nice mellow little roller thats got that chill 1994 vibe going on. Nothing "wonderfull" though it is a nice filler tune.

The real gem here as I said is the Tronic100 tune. The vocal and overall vibe takes me back to the 1990 4-Hero "In Rough Territory" LP. This tune pretty much has the same vibe as alot of tunes on that album which makes me ohh so happy! Of course here we also have the lame ass 2-step beat although atleast it has an apachi break fill in the background. For the vibe Tronic 100 are going for here the repetitive beat works cause in 1990 the breakbeat tunes were loopy like this.

Thank you Tronic 100 for making this lovely tune. :D

(PS OT: I make a very large review for the A-Sides dbl pack but it seems to have gotten lost while being sent to the message board.. . this of course sucks cause now I have to do it AGAIN :P)
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