trolleybus - get back


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Nice sounds mate - The rave type synth does my head a bit in the first section but that is just my personal taste - I really like how you done the drumz lots of decent fills and edits and it sounds like you have a plug called glitch which is excellent for those sorts of sounds.

Overall not really my cup of tea BUT I think the production os good so thumbs up for that. Also just listening I like the way you go into the 2nd drop very tight....


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yeah man full on hardcore vibez!

beats sounds little flat.. dont particularly contribute much 'energy' to the tune.. merely accompany the omnipotent Rave snyth! ;)
the synth noise is cool, but the melody is very frantic.. but maybe thats what you were intending? atmospheres are very cool :)

bass is cool also.
I like it :)