TrixX live @ machu pichu


Dec 14, 2002
k well i found this in my pc... a while back when i was spinning in machu pichu... a pub here in Puerto Rico... i was supposed to spin breakbeats but i broke up in dnb... so here it is... not that hot but hey shit happens... maybe good for a little laugh

TrixX@ machu pichu

1.Baron & Total Science- Monkey see monkey do
2.Adam Freeland- we want your soul(E'N'O RMX)
*E'N'O- Alien girl
3.E'N'O- Hacksaw
4.Ram Trilogy- Screamer
5.Dkay & Epsilon- Barcelona( )BIE( RMX)
6.Moving Fusion- Chilli pepper(RMX)
*Ram Trilogy- Titan
7.Total Science- Nosher(Baron rmx)
8.Stranjah- 20/46
)BIE(- The 9
9.Kaos, Karl K and Jae Kennedy- Moonraker
10.Pendulum- Trail of Sevens
11.Ram Trilogy- Hotness
12.E'N'O- Goodfoot
13.Raskal n Klone- Electronica
14.)BIE(- Bullet time
15.)BIE(- Stay tuned
16.E'N'0- The message
17.Hazard- Evac q8
18.Shy Fx & T Power- Dont wanna know
19.Mist- 3 AM
*Shy Fx & T Power- Shake ur body
20.John B- Blandwagoon poos
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