[TRIM033] Kantyze & Disphonia / Kantyze - Zig Zag/Not my God

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    [TRIM033] Kantyze & Disphonia / Kantyze - Zig Zag/ Not my God

    Kantyze & Disphonia - Zig Zag
    Kantyze - Not my God

    Kantyze and Disphonia are welcomed back to the Trust in Music team once again, after the massive success of their first 12” for the label that came in the shape of the smashers ‘1987’ and ‘Time Machine VIP’.

    Returning with two more cuts of funk, ‘Zig Zag’ and ‘Not My God’, this experienced pairing of duos show once again why their reputation for consistently delivering quality tracks is growing so rapidly.

    ‘Zig Zag’ begins proceedings with lush pads and an epic atmosphere, luring the listener in before matching it with stomach churning bass stabs, just planting the seed in your mind of the funk that is to come. The drop brings you straight in to the meat of the tune which will stand out equally well on its own or in the mix thanks to a funk driven bassline, hi octane guitar licks and filtered electro stabs. A sick tabla-esque percussion line keeps proceedings rapidly moving forward along with the crowd, as this is a sure club pleaser.

    Kantyze return on a solo tip for the flip with ‘Not My God’. Beautiful keys and string washes start the affair before a short breakdown that mimics the listeners increasing heartbeat, signifying the hefty drop that’s about to come.
    Springy synth stabs play off chest punching bass and amazingly processed mids, reminiscent of some of the top tech drum and bass players and showcasing the pair’s ability in the studio. Crisp & punchy drums pin the track together and keep the pace up with tight hi hats and percussion whilst subtle bleeps and chords keep the melody in, ensuring some real character and individuality are showcased on this track.

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    release date: 15.06.2012
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