TRIM017 "Stop Thinking EP"


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Aug 19, 2008


out on the 5th of November 2010 :

“Stop Thinking EP”

A broad variety of tracks within the techno/neuro drum and bass spectrum can be found on the “Stop Thinking EP”.
Ranging from deep tracks like High Maintenance ”Red Mist”, technoid adventures on Scary “Cargo”, rave anthems like Rusher & Dubteks “Godsplitters” and epic soundscapes on T-Techs “Air Raid”, to dark and twisted tracks like Maztek feat MC Shot “Neuralnet”, this compilation is the mothership of state of the art neuro drum and bass. More rave madness can be found on “Thermal“ by Ketz & Kryteria with a big boom of bass stabs and effects, a truly hypnotic and very recognizable track by Exorcist - “Revenge”, experimental sounds and melodies in Redco - “Believe in me”, eclectic ethno melodies and oppressing basslines on Custom Soldiers - “Minoan” (Engage remix) and guitar lead riffs with evolving soundscapes on Malsum & Sinoptic - “My Devils”.

12” vinyl featuring :

A: Rusher & Dubtek – “Godsplitters”
B: Kryteria & Ketz – “Thermal” 12 mp3s from :
Scary, Exorcist, T-Tech, Wreckage Machinery, Giocator & NSL, Redco,
Maztek & MC Shot, Cain Mos, Malsum & Sinoptic, Custom Soldierz, High Maintenance, Cortex & Kantyze

Listen here:

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