For Sale TRIM010 – Hedj „Game Over“ & “Disjunction” (N.phect remix)

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    Hedj - Game Over and Disjunction (N.phect remix)

    We are happy to present a descendant of the dark and evil side of drum and bass:
    Hedj, the mean spawn from the baleful lands of Augsburg, Bavaria. 2007 and 2008 saw him emerge from his hideout with disturbingly hard and angry tracks that soon brought him attention within the german scene and beyond. His style embraces influences of IDM, Tech- and Neuro Drum and Bass and Jump Up as well.

    “Game Over” is a track that shows that all this cultivated darkside flavour cannot conceal what we´re all about in the end: a smashing party with tracks that make you want to get down. “Game Over” is the right tool for this - heavy hitting beats, buzzing bass stabs and some not-so-serious arcade sounds provide the right weapon to get a crowd wet and sweaty.

    The original mix of “Disjunction” already saw the light of day on the german imprint „Assimilate Recordings“. Our chief-of-remixing officer N.phect picked this one up and gave it his own twist of sickness. Orchestral strings and future trance sounds combine to a storm of sci-fi madness, a wall of sound that only N.phect can create without loosing that certain funk you find in all of his tunes.

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