TRIM 018 - "White Glues EP"


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Aug 19, 2008
TRIM 018 „White Glues EP“ compiled by Cyrilla

Trust in Music presents :



1: NSL – “History of the Samurai”
2: Polarity – “Hellboy”
3: Drumhead – “Brainstorm (Outside)”
4: Melamin – “Soldierz”
5: Qo – “System Shock”
6: Polarity – “Impulse”
7: Gargaj – “Rude Awakening” (Drumhead remix)
8: Defazed – “Withdrawal”


Cyrilla is renowned for her special neurotech drum and bass style. She has made a name for herself in Berlin especially as a dj for straight and heavy beats, dark atmospheres and marching grooves. Some dubs that were on rotation for a few months in her sets have been compiled in the “White Glues EP” now.

Richard Gale aka Defazed, sound designer from Bristol, is infamos for his infectiously dark sound and epic live laptop performances. And as a producer someone to watch out for, as he proves with “Withdrawal”. Polarity got some experience as a producer, having worked on beats for quite a few years now. But it was only recently that the quality of his productions reached another level. “Hellboy” and “Impulse” demonstrate those clear and pushing drums combined with warm basses and sounds. Originally from the demoscene, “Drumhead” is no stranger to the realm of digital arts as he tracked music for videos and demos. “Rude Awakening” remix and “Brainstorm (Outside)” shows his skills when it comes to writing drum and bass tunes.

More newcomers NSL, Melamin and Qo complete the EP with their outstanding and fresh tracks with different flavours. “Soldiers” comes up with a very creative beat pattern and pumping sounds, “System Shock” is a hard and heavy rocking piece of techno drum and bass, and “History of the Samurai” makes and excursion to the experimental side of things.

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