Transmute Recordings 001 - Alpha Omega


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Transmute Recordings 001 - Alpha Omega

Promo release date > Monday 13th March 06
Full release date > Monday 24th April 06


After a busy winter, and several months planning a killer release schedule,
Transmute are pleased to announce details of their first instalment. We
step up for this first 12" to showcase two killer cuts from Drum n Bass
extraordinaire, Alpha Omega.

Having had a myriad of successful and highly acclaimed releases over the
last two years, Colin Lindo lays it down proper once again to highlight that
unique vibe we've become so accustomed to. Covering all edges of the
breakbeat circle, these two cuts show us both the sound and attitude of a
producer moving forward.

Side A: Alpha Omega - Entities

With both the depth and urgency to mangle up any dancefloor, Alpha Omega
goes in search of unknown territories once again here. Entities throws down
a fierce bassline assault, coupled with dub chamber hi hats that propel an
infectious groove towards perpetual motion. Capturing the intensity of a
rave in full swing, we see dark brought to light here, as a barrage of
awkwardness is laid down. Definitely a track to represent the discerning
junglists amongst you all!

clip here

Side B: Alpha Omega - Steppa

True to its title, Steppa marches forward into dub territory with a
difference. Recalling stripped down early 90s techno, the DNA of warehouse
rave is reconfigured inside the mind of one of Jungle's foremost original
thinkers. Rolling out a haunting, almost contagious hook from start to finish,
we enter a world of atmospherics and future-techno bleeps, here
complimented by those rough-cut trademark drums.

clip here

Transmute Recordings 002 sees yet more excursions into the unknown
by a trio of talent in the form of Macc, dgoHn, and Genetic Sequence.

A. Macc & dgoHn - Shimesot
AA. Genetic Sequence - Love Crisis

Audio clips and details on when this is available will be coming soon!

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AIM address to send demos: transmuterecords