Transfer plot 7260m2 factory in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – August, 2011


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Jul 29, 2011
Transfer plot 7260m2 factory in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – August, 2011

Transferring the whole of lands 7260m2: 110$/m2. Total price of plot : 798.600 $. Regular factory documents.

Preferential price: 762.000$ (including transfer ownership) for partners of goodwill, work faster!

(If the company purchased but you unused a part of workshop built, we will lease back half of workshops that (~ 1000m2) for 2380$ / month to store machinery)

• Factory finishing 2000m2, with offices, the brick lining.

• The remaining 5000m2 without building but had foundation, concrete walls surrounding it, having drawing papers to build warehouse.

• Drainage system and fire protection are completed. 400KVA electricity. Traffic easy, container traffic, security residential. Ideally suited to business production.

• Batch plant location: Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City - near Xuyen A Industrial Park, Royal Industrial Park, Nhi Xuan Industrial Zone, West North Cu Chi Industrial Park.

• Container can come in and out, main street 40 meters large.

Note: Our company is trading in printing on silk by yard (permits), if companies want to assign the same industry, this is a great advantage because it is difficult at present to apply for permits. When the transfer include the printers, you will be had all existing customers (many large customers, there are year-round)

See more photos & drawing workshops at: nhaxuongchinhchu dot com

Contact the owner direct:

English: Ms. Mi – 0084 908 810 833 (with % for the broker)
Only Vietnamese: Ms. Son – 0907 833 994 ban do vi tri.jpgnhaxuong2.jpgnhaxuong3.jpg


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