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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.496 was Universal - Groove Therapy (Photek remix)

From beginnings as a Bukem selection on Logical Progression & Looking Good, Universal aka Lexis eventually brought this groove to Certificate 18, a spiritual home to both him and its remixer. Photek hones in on the hypnotic deep house vibe guiding with typical tight beats & bass.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.511 was DJ Friction - Light Speed

Rapidly accelerating his ascent Friction made his name around the scene with tunes like this that featured high-octane energy and tough beats perfect for the intensity of sets and label outputs at the time.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.512 was Origin Unknown - Truly One (Remix Pt. 2)

Bringing a classic into another era when your sound has gone thru so many evolutions isn't so easy but with familiar samples and some of the wobbly funk Andy and Ant apply the Molten template to good effect. The art of the remix on display from the Ram veterans.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.517 was Supply & Demand - Show Me

As G Squad evolved and shifted into Supply & Demand's funkier dancefloor sounds their skills would garner them appearances on labels like Chronic and one can hear why. Catchy riffs and rolling breaks deliver a strong groove on this one.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.527 was Un-cut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)🍾

Another pair of Mancunian maestros taking Jenna G & Future Cut's memorable musical piece to rolling drum & bass heaven. Liquid funk with energy & emotion perfect for midnight celebrations the world over.🎆 RIP Marcus.

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Capping a recent Trainspottle theme of Intalex-related tunes to start the new year remembering greatness.

Yesterday's Trainspottle no.533 was Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Universe

Building on Vikter Duplaix's broken beat-influenced deep house groove for Masters At Work, the maverick d'n'b duo made this as their melting of techno, house & techstep was Making us Feel the liquid funk. Born from a universe of sounds, their love for them, inviting us to dance.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.536 was Influx Datum - Dayz Of Glory

As more disco & house elements were mixing into the liquid funk side of drum & bass, Influx Datum said why not also a good ol' amen tearout, showing their skills with a house-inspired buildup and the bass & breaks of a jump-up throwdown. Dancefloor business for all.

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Yesterday was Blue Monday

Yesterday's Trainspottle no.543 was Orgy - Blue Monday (Optical Instrumental Mix)

Putting the late-90s alt rock cover aside this is about Optical flexing the Virus sound as it was arriving on the scene. With gamechanging alien bass, tight drums & neurofunk-defining grooves, like New Order before bridging and evolving sounds, this would brighten any dnb head's Monday.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.600 was Drum Kru - Poltergeist

The d'n'b world relished any members of Bad Company, Virus, 1210 or DSCI4 vibing in the studio together as Drum Kru. Here we find dBridge, Maldini, Fierce & Ryme Tyme in a ghostly groove of experimental electronics & tight details while remaining true to the romance of neurofunk.

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Thoughts of Kemistry today. RIP

Yesterday's Trainspottle no.643 was Goldie - Kemistry VIP (Grooverider Remix)

The Rufige heartbeat remixed by the Rider showing one of the places that future artistic vision could go, where it had gone. Still on the sharpest metal edge, a broken down drum & bass soundscape, for the soundsystem. Inspired by those around (RIP), immersed in the underground.

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Out to the US July 4th massive🇺🇸

Yesterday's Trainspottle no.713 was Hive - Ultrasonic Sound

Melding beats & bass influences from local hip-hop and UK jungle/dnb energy Hive's adept production skills stood out as he was helping build & inspire flavours for West Coast/LA jungle, attracting further UK collabs & even injecting breakbeat appeal to the Matrix soundtrack.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.714 was
DJ Red & Earth People - Ride

DJ Red continually adapting his sound fitting right in with the wave of punchy, techsteppin' neurofunk that raves were clamouring for delivering bass-heavy loops on his own label Stealth here. When it drops it's high-energy and relentless.

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Yesterday's Trainspottle no.715 was Exocet - Demon Seed

Under radar tune & producer making beats for love of the music, would stay that way if not for intrepid DJs exposing it at key times in mixes: intros, outros, bridging moments in sets... its minimal dnb template and progressive trance influence making the journey for many a raver. What it's all about really. (play today's)

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