Tracklist for ''Andy C & Bad Company Live @ Seattle 2001''

Found this mix floating about the intahwebz back in 2003 and, although IMO the quality of the mixing wasn't tremendously good the track selection was awesome. Never been able to find a complete tracklist of this set.

A link to the mix can be found here: HOWEVER it's only the first 11 minutes of the mix, so you may have to download (it's really quite easy to find)
I know that link really isn't useful as I know most of the tracks during the first 'part' but it's mainly as a reference so if you do happen to download the mix, you'll know that it's the right one!

It's been nearly a decade since I first heard some the tunes in that set and I STILL don't know what they are :p

1. Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Unknown remix or some unreleased dub)
w/ ???
2. Bad Company - Planet Dust
3. Mampi Swift - Blaxploitation
4. Bad Company - Ladies Of Spain
5. ???
6. ???
7. Dillinja - What's The Deal?
8. Hatiras Vs. J Majik - Spaced Invader
9. John B - Up All Night
10. Bad Company - Dog Fight

Thanks all :-3