Trackitdown Upfront Feb D&B Promos / Track Recommendations


Every month the content team puts together a selection of discounted bundles giving you the ‘Inside Tracks’ on what these experts feel are going to be the next big tunes in the world of electronic music. These recommendations will come in the form of discounted bundles consisting of 10 of the most upfront and fresh tracks available from the vast catalogue carried on the site. We have catered for all genres including; trance, funky house, minimal, electro, tech-trance, drum & bass, breaks and hard dance. Each collection of 10 tracks will be available for just £12.25.

With over 10,000 tracks added to the system so far in 2007, the Trackitdown content managers are probably listening to more dance music than anyone else on the planet!

For February’s selections, the team have selected some real treats. House fans can enjoy the quirky sounds of Phillipe De Boyar’s awesome remix of The Black Ghosts’ ‘Face’ on Southern Fried, or the melancholy tones of Alex Meier’s awesome ‘Road Of Injury’ on Buzzin’ Fly. Those who prefer the sounds of Electro House can download an exclusive upfront promo from Rainer Weichhold on Great Stuff, and the simply divine ‘Now It’s Not Summer’ from John Dahlback. Breaks addicts can get freaky to the awesome Dopamine remix of ‘I’m Crazy, You’re Crazy’ by Jay Stewart and an exclusive upfront promo from Hardy Hard on West Records.

Trance heads can enjoy 10 of the best uplifting trance and 10 of the best tech-trance records this month including the mammoth new collaboration from Armin & Rank 1 entitled ‘This World Is Watching Me’. Minimal enthusiasts can download a bundle which includes the huge new smash from Pig & Dan entitled ‘After Ibiza’, and may also enjoy this month’s Techno selection which includes the superb stripped-down cut ‘Loose Off’ by Markantonio & Juno, as well as a brand new exclusive upfront promo from Swedish legend Cave.

If you like your music with a faster BPM, Hard Dance fans can enjoy the new cuts from OD404 and Technikal as well as an exclusive upfront promo from the legendary Riot! Recordings. And finally this month, Drum & Bass aficionados can sample new cuts from G Dub, Noisia and an exclusive upfront promo from scene legends The E-Z Rollers.

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