Track with Sinatra sample 'I'm a fool to love you'



Agh so I've done that annoying thing newbies do and posted this in the main Dnb forum without realising there was a dedicated forum for track IDs. Sorry, i was half asleep. Anyway I'm assuming that post won't make it past the mods so here it is again...

As the thread title says, I'm looking for a track with a sample of frank sinatra's 'I'm a fool to want you'. I'm pretty sure it's a sample of the original, but a few people have done covers so there's a chance it's lifted from one of those. Its pitched up so it's hard to tell.
It was released 2009 or earlier cos it was on a Dnb cd my mate made me back then. I've now lost the cd. I had assumed it was early noisia because there was a load of other noisia stuff on there, but I've gone through the noisia discography and can't find it. Maybe I just missed it.
Apart from the sample and the vague release date, all I can tell you is that the bass has what I would describe as a subtle neuro vibe - nothing too in yer face but gently warping if you get me.

I know it's a long shot but if anyone has an idea I'll be stoked!
Thanks for your help!
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