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this is really good mate, what you making the bass sounds with? the drums could do with some eq and fattening right up i reckon, are you using a sequencer?
the bass sounds wicked man, should rinse more of that!

good stuff guvnor
wicked thanks man

im using reason 4 and the bass was made with the thor synth. i tried EQing the kick a bit deeper but the bassline is so wide that it sort of interfeers with the kick and messes everything up

anyways it aint finished yet should get it done by 2moro so ill post the full then

thanks for the feedback kemzino
cheers, it sounds like you've sequenced it in there too. i use reason alot, but once i have all the sounds lined up they all get shipped into the sequencer as Wav Audio files, this just makes the whole thing sound better, and secondly its audio your now chopping up, not bits if Midi

one of the main things in doing this style of music is getting the kicks to sit with the bass. its very important the frequencys dont clash. try rolling back some bottom end on your bass with a high pass filter, then ramp your volumes a bit more maybe.............EQ the kicks & snares at the same time, trying to achieve volume while you do it. layer lots of kicks and snares together for more snappy oomph (dry ones, splashy ones ect ect)
remeber they all share a certain range in frequency.

as a general rule of thumb

Kicks about 100khz - ish -
i really think you have the basis of a very good tune here mate, just keep tweeking and it will get there.

well done! P.M me when your done if you can as ide like to listen to it:)

if your not using a sequencer outside of reason, then you will certainly need one at some point bro!
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