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Jul 10, 2003
ok i saw a film clip of this awesome track last weekend at a friends house. he said it was an old one and he doesnt know what it is or who its by which wasnt good coz i want the song!

the video clip - the artists of the song(i think it was a group) were performing in some underground venue type thing... looked like a dungeon/tunnel room type thing :) looked like a party.
there was a black mc guy freestyle rapping throughout the song. it was apparently a track from like... 4 years ago.

so yeh thats about it, i dont remember anything else, sorry. i didnt even know what drum and bass is until i heard that track. i think i can get used to that style :D sounds awesome!!

anyone know what i am on about? i thought i'd ask here anyway. got nothing to lose aye :)

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