track ID please - early 2000s - male hiphop vox

gabe 00

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Jul 11, 2017
found this on an old mix, it can't have been released any later than early 2003. thanks for any help.

here's my best take on the lyrics:

Put your hands together like the o'jays
if in doubt believe me it's OK
hard to see you brother i'm opaque
[?????] you know the M.O.
final cut usually worse than demo
if you don't believe me then ask b[?]
[person's name?] at the sound of mach 3
favor earth colors like brown and khaki
either you laughing with or laughing at me
anticipating[??], believe me gonna pay up [???]
better hurry up while this is on sale
chances are it's highly unlikely
characteristically in part[??] I might be
on the real though for you it might be
more wind chill [??] as opposed to tai chi
ain't feel like talking check caller ID
tell it like it is in the face of Y.T. [???]
get your roots tickets brothers look lively
all the back scratching is poison ivy
liquid liquid enjoy the white line [???]
morning person as opposed to night time
limited amount as opposed to excess
quicktime player, federal express
speculation since it must be
it'll be good c'mon just trust me
whoever the one for us three
you can try again but at first you're dusty
if at first you don't succeed call me
the hair the eyes the nails it's all me
rooted to the ground is where i'm holding it
[?????] bucket there's a hole in it
if I smoke kaya you holding it
as for ground control they ain't controlling shit
whether manipulative or just trifling
more so left as opposed to right wing
radio raheem in do the right thing
educated rapper sometimes I might sing
brother you mess around it's greased lightning
looking at my gucci BK[?] or breitling
get your amulets and your gris gris
if you wanna join the crew well you must see me
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