Track for track clash


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Sep 7, 2011
Hi guys,

I'm djing tomorrow in Cardiff for my 4th time, im going head to head with someone and have to mix for 20 mins then go track for track in a clash.
I understand the general idea of, the better track/the more the crowd go off, was just wondering if there were any specific rules/etiquette for this sort of thing
eg - should i be mixing tracks in or will i just be playing one track then him, should i play the whole intro, when do i cut the other guys track out etc.

also any tunes youd recommend would be wicked ! thanks :)
Not really too sure man, personally I'd mix my tune into his, ideally double dropping that shit, but I've never really had a soundclash so to speak, let him go first and maybe see what he does?
Yeah I was thinking the same. I've only been DJing for a year so I could try double dropping shit with his tune, but i'll just spin his out if it doesn't work. Atm i've got Baron's rmx of nosher and ebony dusters - ra in my sack for it!
Thanks mate

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And yeah I was going to say I can't find like any examples or videos on the net of clashes for some reason! bad times
google red bull metalheadz soundclash, it might give you an idea. It was from a soundclash with the metalheadz crew and Andy C vs Skream and Bega amongst others
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