Tra:Fo - Unconscious Dnb Mix


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this a set i mixed for a radio show a few months ago.

0.00.00 : Flare – Unconscious
0.02.55 : Judda & Treo – 6th Element [Aligment Records]
0.06.55 : Spinline – Contrast [Demand]
0.09.05 : Noisia – Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix) [Mau5trap]
0.12.22 : Kasra & Jubei – The Rift [Critical Music]
0.14.55 : Phace & Rockwell – Rat Race [Shogun Audio]
0.18.32 : Cern, Dose & Teknik – Huntsville [Commercial Suicide]
0.20.43 : Ulterior Motive – Point Of Difference [Subtitles Music]
0.22.10 : Dabs - Subsdiary [Dispatch Recordings]
0.26.10 : Flare & CCLN– Bosom Of Sea [Melting Pot]
0.28.21 : Curfew – Asylum [Bad Taste]
0.30.30 : Mikal – Without A Trace [Horizons Music]
0.35.15 : Stone & Gerra – Spyhole [Proximity]
0.37.26 : Skeptical – The Truth [Dispatch Recordings]
0.40.00 : Amoss – Throwback [Horizons Music]
0.44.20 : Tyrone – Behemoth [Ingredients]
0.46.09 : Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei Remix) [Ingredients]
0.48.20 : Enei – Stonehead [Critical Music]
0.51.35 : Foreign Concept & Bringa – Cemetery [Shogun Audio]
0.55.35 : Heavy1 & June Miller – Judge [Rubik]
0.56.20 : Dub Phizix – Shakedown [Soul:R]
0.58.31 : SPY & Total Science – Venus Prime [Subtitles Music]
1.01.45 : SOM & Nymfo – Roxy [Commercial Suicide]
1.05.25 : RoyGreen & Protone – Sick Doctor [SP Breakz Ltd]
1.08.20 : Xtrah – Arise [Subtitles Music]
1.09.25 : Sunchase & Nickbee – Zoned [Horizons Music]

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Interesting tracklist from the outset Tra:fo. For me, felt like it took a fair while for 6th Element to come in when listening to Unconscious, but that is just personal preference. The blend was sublime though. Contrast came in where I like to my mixes to come in. Wicked combo with the rolling structure of 6th Element & the melodic intro of Contrast coming in. I like Contrast in the EP, but will always be 3rd favourite for me, behind Life & Tokyo. Where you brought Diplodocus rmx is was cool. Liked how it chopped up Contrast & bounced to the beat nicely. Also not a fan of hearing an outro of a tune in the mix. I feel it tends to lose some of the energy in the mix (but yours didn't). A friend of mine does it a fair bit when we have been recording back to back mixes & it does my head in. Nice one for putting The Rift in there too, one of my fav colabs on Critical. Rat Race sat really well on the second section of The Rift, loved how The Rift came back in with the intro of Rat Race still building. Not a fan of Rat Race, but you made the mix enjoyable. Pretty sure I skimmed over Point Of Difference when it came out, the aggressive bass in than was pleasing. The bounce in Subsidary was also wicked when that flopped on the beat of POD. Nice to see someone pushing Gerra & Stone tunes (local residents at a rave near ours). The Truth - Throwback - Behemoth was a quality, well constructed section of steppy rhythms which really jelled together. Would have preferred Behemoth to come in after the second 32 bar loop from the second drop of Throwback instead of the near switch, with mixed outro. Same almost switch with mixed outro between Behemoth & Cold One rmx. Stonehead - Cemetery had all the elements to be a nice mix, with both tunes being dj friendly mixing tools. Would have liked to hear more of a mix between Cemetery & Judge too, but what lacked there was made up in the Judge - Shakedown mix :) gotta be my favourite mix so far, if brief. The cinematic pops & clicks in Judge rolling well with the relentless roller that in Shakedown. Had also virtually forgotten about Venus Prime till I saw it in your TL, nice mix with Shakedown too. Just think SPY should leave that crashing snare alone now, used in SO many of his tunes. Wicked melodic notes in Roxy too & really enjoyed the subtle underlying bass in there too. Not heard that tune before. Arise came in nicely & was complimented by Zoned, could have been a tad louder as it sat back a bit compared to Arise.

An enjoyable mix to start the afternoon. Really liked the selection, but would have preferred to hear the mix as opposed to a switch in a few places.