Total Science - Nosher (Marky & Bungle Remix)????

Feb 7, 2003
at home
Has anyone else heard this? Its got Marky and Bungle written all over it, If it is them theyve done it proud and their trademark sound has put a new twist on a tune I would have said was better left alone.
Audio - 1hour4 on the Marky set at 1Xtra this year.
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He Finished on it n all, its not that bad either- sounded sick through a decent sound system, not as good as Barons version, but still pretty sweet all the same.
that link's broken man.....

it's on fabios latest radio 1 dnb show. think it's the second or third tunes marky plays in the set. which starts about an hour in.

i like it. egar to hear it properly though.
I likeeeeeeeeee, I like alot. Wanna have a better listen to it though. Nice little relick, to be expected from Marky though - the man's got style ya dun know :)
You know what as much as I rate Marky highly as a dj, second only to Andy C up until now Ive always thought Bungle was the main input with their productions but after hearing this I now think Ive been wrong all along, Theyve made this interesting and bought it upto date, quite a hard job really when its such a big tune, could have gone very wrong, A few years ago G Dub tried but failed with Nosher
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