Total Science - "Make Me Feel (Feel Good mix)"


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Make Me Feel (Feel Good Mix)" - Total Science (Advanced)

:slayer: Ho ho ho, Xmas has come early this year, in the form of vinyl!!! Now its strange that I should be such a big fan of this tune cos I seriously detested the original, but after hearing Digital drop the remix at last years Global Gathering, I knew I had to get this, and now after almost a years wait, I have!
Standard Total Science beatz and effects lead the way into one of the cheekiest little melodies this side of 'Speedball'. In all fairness, Id be hard pushed to tell you why I like the remix and not the original, as they are very similar, but theres just something about this mix that gets me excited. The tune uses pretty much the same melody as the original, except for a mad looped bit at the end, which gives the impression that the record is skipping over the last bar - listen and you'll know what I mean! Another reason why I was waiting so intently for this is because of the baaaaad second break. Now Total Science usually chuck in a filthy little old-skooly break about 3/4 of the way through the tune, and this is no exception! Although the actual drop isnt as heavy as previous offerings (such as 'Jungle Jungle' on Metalheadz), play it over a loud system and it'll go off! Trust me, Ive seen it happen. All in all then, another quality release for the Total Science boys, my only gripe with them at the moment being that they blatantly lifted the bassline from this tune and re-used it in 'Hammerhead', but when you release as many tunes as they do (I read that they released 78 last year), you can be forgiven for re-using the odd sample.

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