Total Science "Love 2 U / Hot Spot" (Timeless 021)


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Mar 4, 2002
This is not super release like the "Gravy Girls / Taxman" release on Advance//d, no instead its just decent.

Total Science "Love 2 U / Hot Spot" (Timeless 021)

Timeless usually takes ages to get releases out however this was an exception. I only heard about this one recently and just the week before the Timeless double pack came out. It seems that "Hot Spot" is the tune that everyones all ga-ga over however personally I can't see what the fuss is. Its a standard 2-step track with 1992 samples. Sure the 1992 samples are all good (I believe one might have been ripped from D-Shake "Tekno Bam"), no complaints however its just that the samples are used in the same way TS used them in "Squash" and just about every other TS release. TS seems to have locked into a formula for laying out a track and to me its gotten really boring.

The flip side is a bit better. I'm N-Joing this one quite a bit, its like an "Anthem" (thats a pun, the tune uses the same vocal that N-Joi used in "Anthem"). Its got the same vibe as Anthem as well, its very uplifting and full of classic bleeps, cords, and vocal samples. Unfortunatly the only thing holding this one back from being FUCKING WICKOD is the fact the tune uses boring 2-step beats. Still this one is a welcome addition to my 1992 flavored DnB crate.

I rate this one: 6/10
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