[Toronto] RAPID FIRE THURSDAYS *Oldschool/Jungle/Raggajungle* 04/14/11

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    BASS DRIVEN proudly brings another edition of the hard hitting RAPID FIRE Thursdays! Delivering that rough, rugged and raw Jungle sound every second Thursday of the month.


    This month featuring:
    *JEFF HILL - http://soundcloud.com/jeff-hill
    A member of the Illegal Sound crew and therefore a pick among others like 16aj, J-Ryder etc. Some powerful original tunes that will set the dance ablaze!!

    *JOCELYN DEE - http://jocelyndee.com/
    Holding it down in her 10+ years playing professionally. JOCELYN DEE brings a seriously warming sound and nothing but big tunes!!

    *TALIXZEN - http://soundcloud.com/talixzen
    This man is likely to bring it in a roughy oldschool style nah seen before. Be prepared for some floor shaking!!

    *NINJAH FAREYE - http://soundcloud.com/ninjahfareye
    Nuff riddim in NINJAH FAREYE's tunes to set fire to any dance. This is not to be missed!!

    All happening @ Nocturne
    550 Queen Street West
    FREE b4 11
    $5 after
    **$4 Drinks
    **Crazy sweet giveaways
    **Invite your friends