Topbuzz - Seduction (Quite possibly also 1994)


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Oct 12, 2007
Another old tape rip, hope you enjoy.

No Cover or T/L im afraid, and the tapes battered so I'm not even 100% sure on the year, but I think it's '94.

(I've also got the following to rip, if people are interested;
Nicky BM @ Edge (1 tape) & Hype @ Edge (1tape) both year unknown.

Doc Scott, Randall, SS and Slipmatt (4 tapes) from Dance Trance - Capital Punishment

DJ SS @ Unity Year unknown, 94/95 most likely

Ellis Dee @ Fusion year unknown but old

Pilgrim @ Fusion unknown year but old (great tape)

DJ Hype Drum and Bass selection 4

Grooverider @ Love of Life unknown year but old

JJ Frost and DJ Lime from Love of Life (i think) V old

Dance Planet Detonator 3 vol 1 - Ratpack, Hype, SS, Ellis Dee, Mickey Finn and Slipmatt (4 tapes) Unknown year

Grooverider @ United Dance 23/8/1996

DJ Hype at Tazzmania (hastings pier) 27/9/1996

Let me know in this thread if any are wanted ).
Is it one of these possibly?

Top Buzz (8) - Quest - 06.03.1993

Top Buzz (9) - Quest - 22.05.1993

Side 1 -
Side 2 -

Top Buzz - Quest '1st Birthday Party' - 19th September 1992

Top Buzz (10) - Quest '100th Quest' - 07.08.1993

Side 1 -
Side 2 -

Got 'em from this thread:

pz bro.
Will do (Groove at LoL) next, may be a day or 2 as i have a 7 month old who demands loads of time, but will so as soon as i can.
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