Top Drawer Digital - Lucas-Reign(The Remix Edition) Out Now


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Top Drawer Digital Presents
Lucas : Reign (The Remix Edition)
The original is a Dark,Epic* J-Tek track that leans more to the Techno side of the spectrum,
Driven along by its 4x4 Kick and Offbeat Bass and pulled into the darkness by its* choir pads , moody hoovers,
dark vocal samples and LFO style bleeps .This* Nu Skool Jungle Tekno* track is a definite dance floor filler. *
All three remixs stay true to the original vibe with all three remixers stamping there styles on the track with devistating force.
Strange Rollers sprinkle their mix with their usuall magic turning it into a much more breaky affair ,
adding a touch of 303 madness and full on gated synths that rip through the track with force.
* *

Dj Snipaz takes it into heavy wobble territory and does so with venom ,
his Dubstep take on the track is a dance floor destroyer .Watch ya bass bins I'm tellin ya!
* *
Insa241 adds true emotion to the track with the added pianos and crafts a 140 breaks style track full of feeling.
* *
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