Top Drawer Digital - Lucas - Hillbilly Hideout including LJHigh DnB Remix

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    Lucas : Hillbilly Hideout
    Release Date 15/01/2011

    Hillbilly Hideout sets a scence in your mind , a dark soundscape with a minimal break , a driving 4x4 kick and heavy sub bass push this moody J-Tek track along.
    Slowly but surely it builds the atmosphere ,taking you on a dark trip that dares to be different.
    Bolsterd by three remixs this is a release for all lovers of dark,moody music.

    Full Spektrum strip it back to its bare bones , extract the darkness from it give the breaks some serious choppage and produce a bass heavy track with a massive old skool vibe.
    Breakstep/Dubfunk Full Spektrum Styleee.

    LJHigh gives the track a big lick of DnB paint and staying true to the original , runs with the theme adding his own take on the Hillbilly sound.

    Audiojackerz pull the bpm's right down to a house music pace and with some rearangement and eerie effect injections they showcase this dark track to the lovers of the more laid back approach.

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