Top Drawer Digital : Back And Forth (Album) Out Now [J-tek Dubstep Breaks]


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Nov 4, 2010
Our Album: Back And Forth is out Now :
Here at Top Drawer Digital we slip in and out of Genres,Go Back And Forth in time,
with sounds and ideas of the past and the future sitting next to each other in tracks we believe can bridge the gaps.
Letting DJ's build sets about "The Vibe" rather than in a rigid style with music that takes its influences from many Genres.
From House to Hardcore from Dubstep to Drum and Bass.
With our first album BACK AND FORTH we have tried to capture a good cross section of what we are all about.
Including J-Tek, Dubstep and Hardcore Breaks mainly in the 140-150 Bpm area.
We hope you enjoy what we're doing; we’ve had a Great first year and look forward to releasing many more Great tunes in the years to come.
Track 1: D-Con & Miguel: Autumn Star
Track 2: Tek909: Reprogram
Track 3: Dr GlueBag: Fish soup
Track 4: Morcee : Nocturnal
Track 5: Jon James: Brakz
Track 6: Nolige & Decepter : Junglism
Track 7: Lucas: Scared Of The Dark
Track 8: L.J.High : Iapetus
Track 9: Dazz F: With Dark Intention
Track 10: Insa241: We Survive (Strange Rollers Rok 2 It Mix)
Track 11: Bennie D: Crunchy Nut Bass
Track 12: Lucas: Indecent
Heres what some DJ’s are saying about it :
Digitally Mashed (Nu-Rave 2010 Best Breakthrough DJ winner):
I’ve been playing all 12 tracks on the Back And Forth Album as Dubs for months now to an excellent response from radio listeners, other producers and of course the dance floors.
Generic Bass (Switzerland) (Break Pirates / Brainfunktrax Records):
Many tasteful and quality tunes on that album
JayTee (Konflict Radio):
pure slice of indulgence , personifies the meaning of jungle techno in a 60 minute journey through the genre. Highly recommended.
Nice selection with some interesting ideas / Great oldschool flavours on We Survive and Junglism
John Greif (Definition:breaks : Nu-rave 2010 Best Label Winners):
This is top quality compilation filled with a proper variety and great productions.
Andy F (Universal Soldiers):
some top tunes from some top producers from all genres bringing them all together in one album*
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Top Drawer Digital DJ Support Includes:
Digitally Mashed
Tango & Ratty
Kranky (Australia)
DJ Madcap
Ritchie Kellingray aka Strange Rollers
Billy Bunter
DJ Flashback
Jay Tee
DJ Silvahfonk(Holland)
T.R.O (Germany)
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Andy F
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