Top 10 sex mistakes men make in bed


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Top 10 sex mistakes men make in bed

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. and has written several books including, Touch Me There! A Hand Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots.
Dr Fulbright says the biggest mistakes men make include:
1. Foreplay doesn't start in the sack.

The timer for enticing does not start once you hit the sheets. Your pre-game show is best approached as an all day affair. Women love to be wooed. Sex is a head game — in more ways than one - and women want to know you can’t get them out of your mind. We love knowing that we are desired.

2. Don't head south straight away.

Diving in for the genitals too soon usually isn’t the best idea. A woman needs to be properly aroused before any below-the-belt action feels good.

Be sure to focus on her entire body - head to toe - before going for the gold.

3. Remember the clitoris.

Many men think a woman’s orgasm results from penetration.

More than 70 per cent of women experience clitoral orgasm when it comes to maximum reaction, so men need to make sure they are not ignoring the clitoris. It also helps if you actually know where the clitoris is - some men have been known to rub the urethral opening, which can be a big no-no for some ladies.

4. Get to that G spot.

In digging for buried treasure, many guys don’t know that “X” doesn’t always mark the spot. Found on the front wall of the vagina, a woman’s G spot may be a little higher or lower, or more to one side than the other, than often depicted.

Hint: she needs to be aroused before you even have a chance of finding it.

5. Don't be too too goal-oriented.

There is nothing more endearing than a man who wants to play. Just don’t get caught up in yourself. Your sexual exploration should be playtime for two.

Stay “present” in the moment - connecting with your partner will bring the ultimate climax for both of you.

6. Thinking you're still hot after gaining weight.

"For better or worse” should include weight fluctuations, but don’t let yourself go completely.

You don’t know how many women have complained to me about the double standard in staying attractive: Women are expected to stay hot-to-trot, men aren’t.

7. Let her be naughty.

Sometimes she needs to get in touch with her adulterated side. In fact, research has found that women are more aroused by explicit fantasies than romantic ones. It's not always about the prince on a white horse or canoodling on the beach.

8. She's not a porn star.

As seen in porn films, many men expect their lovers to fulfill their every fantasy. Remember that porn is fantasy, not reality. Expecting her to act like a porn star is simply not fair.

9. And men aren't supposed to look like porn stars.

Despite what XXX-rated films indicate, most women are not lusting after a three-legged man. Maybe some women are up for the challenge, but many are fine with the guy who fits within the norm. Don’t be too hard on yourself for being just that.

10. One orgasm is not always enough.

Women are not as quick to come down from their aroused state as men are post-sex. Many can be launched right back to bliss, and many women do crave more action and orgasms, even if they were perfectly satisfied the first time round.

Even if you’re exhausted, don’t rule out Round 2. There are other ways of pleasing her, so go ahead and do it all over again.



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10 sex mistakes women make

Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc.

The author of several books including, Touch Me There! A Hand Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots has now created a check list on Fox News for women to help them stop falling into the same sexual patterns.
Basically, Dr Fulbright advises women:
1. Motherhood should not make you celibate

Motherhood should not make you celibate. Instead, you need to see yourself as a hot mama, switching on your Marilyn Monroe persona the second you get your lover alone. For your sake, for your family’s sake, you need to temporarily forget that you’re known as an asexual “mommy” most of the day. You need to nurture your sex life with as much zest as you put into your childcare. Happy parents make for happy families.

2. Be responsive in the sack

Most of us don’t like to have sex with a corpse. Don’t just lie there ... Move! Make noise. Do anything but play dead! If you want your lover to keep coming back, you need to go beyond the missionary position.

3. Stay feminine.

Strive to stay trim and look your best, and apparently effortlessly at that. While he wants you to be the girl-next-door in so many ways, he also wants to eternally see you as his sex goddess.

4. Don't judge his porn

Unless you’ve been replaced by his passion for pornography, don’t give him a guilt trip for it. Instead of seeing his Playboy or Penthouse as a threat, see it as an enhancement.

5. Talk dirty

The occasional potty mouth can be a passion-inducer. So don’t be shy! Learn to talk dirty. I’m not saying sound like a trucker (unless that’s your thing). But don’t be afraid to get a little filthy. Who knows? You might deserve a good spanking for talking like that.

6. Own your body.

Big or small, short or tall, what men find a turn-on more than anything is how a woman carries herself - her confidence. This will help you boost your sex comfort and his.

7. Trash-talking other women.

Sure, you think she looks like a prostitute. But guess what? He does too — and is most likely loving it. Putting down other women in front of him serves as no more than a sign of insecurity. And that makes you unattractive.

8. Don't assume you'll be monogamous.

You’re not monogamous until you have the talk. Having sex is no guarantee of anything, including reciprocal feelings, love, and a future. So don’t make any assumptions. Be honest about what you want. Don’t use sex manipulatively.

9. Don't ignore his nipples.

While known as a "girl-thing," nipples can be his thing too. Many men have sensitive nipples. In fact, some men have nipples that are more sensitive than their lovers'.

10. Don't use too much teeth.

When it comes to oral fixations, this feast should not involve fangs. Teeth scraping is not allowed.


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10. Don't use too much teeth.

When it comes to oral fixations, this feast should not involve fangs. Teeth scraping is not allowed.
So fucking true don't do that, who the fuck likes to get bit it fucking hurts who likes to get hurt I hate that.


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actually Dustek, I learnt a lot of my talent from porn films. I just know the difference between what is reasonable and unreasonable. A girl is gonna like it when you go down on her and mix it up a bit, she ain't gonna like it when you bring two mates over for a bit of "Three Hole's A Goal" innit.

The one thing that was not mentioned in either list was "Take your time to figure out what she/he responds to and doesn't responds to. Just because you may enjoy it, or think that she/he will enjoy it, doesn't mean that she/he will too."