Drum & Bass Too much bass?

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum, haven't uploaded tracks in about two years because I used this time to improve my mixing skills and now just started to finish some old tracks I made.

I would appreciate feedback specifically on the quality of track, compression, mixing, sub... etc., but feel free to comment on other aspects. Any kind of constructive critisizm is appreciated.

I tried maximizing the overall track loudness when mastering but after an hour or so my ears got all numb, so I don't even know if it actually sounds as I hear it.



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catchy bass, sounds balanced across sub/mid.
I'd like something happening in the first part of 2nd drop, say expose the sub when the lead comes in or shake up the growl mid a bit there.

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I feel that the track is overcompressed. And yes, the sub is taking up the clarity in the track.

One thing for the drop to hit hard: remove low frequencies over time (by highpassing or muting) and by this I mean kick, sub and anything. Keep doing this until the drop hits and you get all the low frequencies back. Works like a charm.

Since the sub is taking too much headroom, the kick seems to lack the power needed for a dnb track, as well as the snare. Try sidechaining the sub to the kick, it might work.
Another thing involving the sub (but now it's a more personal taste): it's too much audible. IMO, subs need to make you feel the energy, not actually listen to it. I'd lowpass it a little and that would probably give more space to the kick to stand out.

Also, I feel that the hats are a bit (tiny bit) louder than they should be. This can easily (together with the overcompression) be done in the mixing/mastering part of the project.